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Additional presentations  are available through her characters of  Great Aunt Lizzie, and as the creator of, and host and performer at The Endorphin Release Cafe, an online virtual cafe where quirky humor and indespensible wisdom are served up.

What Wondrous Love is This?

Coming to know the heart of God and the power of His love.

Naked Like Me

Going from shame before God to intimacy with God.

A Biblical View of Mental Health

How a biblical worldview changes the understanding of the mind, its disorders, and healing.

Mental Health Disorders: The Leprosy of  Today

How the stigmatization and fear of mental health disorders is reminiscent of the ancient cultural response to leprosy as documented in biblical text.


Losing My Mind, Finding God's

EJ's testimony/story about the loss of her mind in the summer of 2014 and the journey to find her way forward.

Overcoming Anxiety, Fear and Depression: The Journey Out

How to overcome anxiety, fear, and depression using biblical principles in practical application.  Also includes information regarding diet, exercise and other beneficial activities to achieve freedom.


Trauma and PTSD   Special presentation with extended time for questions.

 EJ's understanding and ability to relay to you what it is like to have had PTSD throughout fifty years of her life, covering various ages and stages, will give you valuable insight. She provides  practical principles to help manage the symptoms of  this  intrusive reaction to trauma. Of special note, EJ gives extended time  for questions. Her ability to articulate all that she has learned both as a healthcare professional and as someone who is not only surviving PTSD but thriving gives hope. This is an excellent  presentation and opportunity for  healthcare  professionals and universities and colleges.


With  her commitment to helping others heal and  to promote understanding of mental health disorders, EJ  looks forward to opportunities to present at both secular and faith-based venues. She is able to create presentations depending on the need.