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Great Aunt Lizzie

Great Aunt Lizzie came to life in writing during the summer of 2017 when I wrote my first Great Aunt Lizzie letter to a daughter of a dear friend. The daughter, a sixth grader, was attending a week of summer camp for her first time. I asked her mother if I could write to her.With her mother's permission, I wrote a letter using my real name, and then for fun, wrote a hysterical letter from Great Aunt Lizzie to make my young friend laugh. At the end of the letter, I added a touch of wisdom and my hope for her at camp. Both she and her mother loved it, and said I needed to write more...and so I have.

Great Aunt Lizzie is a character based off of myself. Lizzie is a nickname of Elizabeth. I already have a variety of names : mom by my son, Flower Petal by my husband, Auntie or Aunt Betsy by those of my family and those like family, Mama B to children not of my womb but of my heart, and finally my most frequent nickname Betsy. Since I had become a great aunt, it seemed appropriate to take on the character of Great Aunt Lizzie, who loves others, and is always seeking a way to bless their lives.