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EJ Bohan is a woman with her mind made up. She graduated from North Central University in 1993 with a degree in Christian Studies and has over thirty years’ experience as a registered nurse. She has worked in a wide variety of nursing and ministry settings, with the enduring commitment to heal the hurting and bring hope to the hopeless.

 A survivor of multiple traumas, EJ has had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) since she was a child. She knows what it is like to feel stigmatized, marginalized, and misunderstood. In her over forty years as a Christian, she has come to not only experience healing and hope but has also made her mind up about the miracle of transformation available through God, the Bible, and a biblical worldview. It is her deep desire to encourage, inspire, and educate you to experience your own miraculous transformation.

Her education and experience as a nurse, combined with her artistic gifts and ability to communicate  difficult concepts in unique ways, fueled by her passion for the hurting, makes for an unforgettable experience.

Her power and passion come from her faith in God and His love as expressed through Jesus Christ. She speaks, writes, and performs from a biblical worldview in a manner that is thoughtful, respectful, and yet unapologetic. She has experienced a transformation in her life that is undeniable. It was this transformation that launched her to reach out and make a difference by sharing her life lessons and valuable insight.


She is comfortable speaking or performing in a wide variety of venues. Please visit the contact page to connect with  her.